Noritz launches new, improved Support and Parts website to speed product information search and online purchasing

Updated Noritz website offers professionals and homeowners increased convenience and accessibility to vital product information, while also permitting quicker water heater parts ordering via smartphone.

— The upgraded Support and Parts Website from Noritz America has everything professionals and end users need for residential and commercial water heating projects, with all the information readily available 24/7/365. The new site, which went live in September, offers not only faster and more accurate search capabilities, but also — for the first time — the ability to order parts online.

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With the quick-search feature and automated suggestions, a customer can find the exact part they are looking for and then order online through their smartphones. Previously, the only way to order Noritz products was by calling the sales department to discuss your needs over the telephone.

The new site offers major time savings for professional plumbing and HVAC installers and service technicians by no longer having to speak to a Noritz internal sales representative. In addition, homeowners and facility managers can save their service contractors valuable time by ordering a part prior to installation.

In addition to increased convenience and zero time wasted, the new site provides access to the entire Noritz line of 1,500 parts and components. If a part is not currently available for purchase, the support site will quickly and automatically substitute a reliable replacement.

Selecting a specific part will also provide ready access to other vital information, such as “technical literature,” “tankless diagram,” and “technical specs.” These options will help viewers fully understand a water heater’s schematics, as well as the part’s location and role in a tankless water heating system.

The upgraded Noritz Support and Parts website also features in-depth product and technical information, detailed troubleshooting instructions, FAQ’s, real-world application resources, Noritz catalogs, live technical support, and documents explaining part capabilities.

“The new Support and Parts website is an excellent expression of the Noritz ‘EZ’ philosophy,” says Jason Fleming, Executive Vice President and General Manager. “Our mission is to always make the customer experience easier and more convenient.”

Visit the new Noritz Support and Parts website at:

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NORITZ AMERICA CORPORATION, a subsidiary of Noritz Japan, has corporate offices in Fountain Valley, Calif., and Atlanta, offering a full line of tankless water heaters and high efficiency combination boilers to meet the hot water demands of residential and commercial applications. Noritz supports its products with a national network of skilled representatives and employees who are committed to providing the finest products and services to our communities by helping consumers live in a more comfortable, efficient and healthy lifestyle. For more information on Noritz America and the entire line of Noritz’s ENERGY STAR® tankless water heaters, please call (877) 986-6748 or visit our website at

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The new Support and Parts website offers not only faster and more accurate search capabilities, but also — for the first time — the ability to order parts online.

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To access product information, a visitor to the new Support and Parts website begins to enter a water heater model or part number. Once the results appear, they can easily sift through the entire Noritz offerings.

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