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Plumbing industry pro explains why he replaced his home’s conventional HVAC system with combi-boiler/air handler technology

Seeking higher efficiency and safer, more reliable performance in a single system, former plumber-turned-factory sales manager couples condensing combination boiler with air handler to provide both space heat and domestic hot water without sacrificing comfort.


HERRIMAN, UTAH — I should start this article about my recent home-improvement project with several disclosures: I’m not your average homeowner. In fact, I’ve worked in the plumbing industry in Salt Lake City, my hometown, for more than 22 years:

  • I trained and worked with the tools as a plumber for five years.
  • I then worked in plumbing wholesale distribution for a little over a decade.

Inspirational, South Carolina children’s camp receives donation of 12 Noritz tankless water heaters for campers’ living quarters

Noritz America joins other industry manufacturers and the Carolina building community to construct Camp Cole, a $10 million learning and recreational facility created specifically for younger children facing serious illnesses, disabilities and other life challenges.

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA — Cole Sawyer was just 10 years old in 2004 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Unable to allow their child to participate in the kinds of activities children his age enjoy, Cole’s family came across a happy alternative: a special place dedicated to creating a traditional summer camp experience for children with cancer and their supportive siblings.

Noritz high-efficiency tankless water heater meets all the hot-water needs of expectant mothers at San Diego birthing center

Tankless specialist Erik Arnett of Arnett’s Water Systems replaces 50-gallon storage-tank water heater with a reliable, affordable, cost-saving tankless alternative to provide ample amounts of warm water for the moms and babies of Tourmaline Birth and Wellness.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIABringing a child into the world is forever a special experience. However, giving birth is not without stress for many expectant mothers. The licensed midwives of Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective in San Diego’s Pacific Beach community are medical providers trained in supporting women prenatally, during birth and postpartum. They are licensed by the Medical Board of California and carry all the tools and medications to keep birthing people safe, while treating the whole body to allow families to thrive.

Tankless Water Heaters Ensure Unfailing Hot Water Supply for Oahu Community Correctional Center

After replacing aging boilers with multiple Noritz tankless water heaters, administrators at Hawaii’s Oahu Community Correctional Center were able to safeguard reliable hot water supplies for its 1,200 inmates.


HONOLULU, HAWAII — A continuous and reliable source of hot water is a modern necessity, especially for certain commercial installations such as restaurants, hospitals, laundries and some manufacturing operations.…

Florida fertilizer producer replaces boilers with multiple-unit tankless water heater systems to slash maintenance and energy costs

Tired of running short of hot water to meet its daily 35,000-gallon need at two of its facilities, Wedgworth’s, Inc. finds tankless a reliable, affordable and cost-saving alternative.


LAKE PLACID, FLORIDAFrom February 1 through May 31, 2019, Wedgworth’s, Inc. pumped a little over three million gallons of 185°F water through its newly installed, 17-unit tankless water heater system at its fertilizer blending facility in Lake Placid. That total breaks down to approximately 25,000 gallons per day. Not once during that 120-day span did the new water heating system, manufactured by Noritz America, require maintenance.…