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Noritz Unveils External Recirculation Pump to Extend Water-Saving Benefits of HWR to Multiple Residential Models

Hot-water recirculation will now be available, as an add-on, on 26 different residential tankless models; timer and temperature control minimizes energy consumption

Noritz RPK-EXT Pump Kit — Noritz America has introduced the new RPK-EXT External Pump Kit, giving homeowners the time-, water- and energy-saving benefits of hot-water recirculation on an even broader array of residential tankless water heaters. Previously available only as a fully integrated circulator in the NRCP line of condensing tankless water heaters, the new RPK-EXT Kit can now serve as a separate, add-on component to 26 additional Noritz residential models.

Pump function: The new kit is engineered to perform two critical functions in a closed-loop, pump-assisted, hot-water recirculation system:

1) The RPK-EXT delivers hot water to a faucet, shower or appliance in seconds, eliminating the usual water- and energy-wasting wait. Using a sensor to monitor the hot-water line, the circulator automatically shuts off once the preset temperature is reached.

2) Using a dedicated return line, the RPK-EXT also sends water that has been sitting in the hot-water line back to the tankless water heater for reheating and recirculation. This return line, which originates at the hot-water outlet furthest from the water heater, can be one of two diameters, depending on the length of the pipe run: 3/4-inch return line for a maximum distance of 400 feet; and 1/2-inch for a maximum distance of 75 feet.

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Recirc only when needed: Energy savings would be minimal if the external circulator were always on and continuously recirculating hot water. So the RPK-EXT Kit also includes an RC-9018M Commercial Remote Control with customizable run times to match your hot water usage needs. The intent is to time pump operation for when hot water is most likely to be needed; e.g., for morning showers, evening baths, etc.

“A typical American home wastes thousands of gallons of potable water annually because of lengthy wait times at bath and kitchen hot-water outlets,” explains Noritz Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jason Fleming, who adds that this problem has only worsened in recent years, as the water shortage issue has continued.

“Continuous-recirculation systems provide instant hot water, and water waste is dramatically reduced,” he continues. “The problem is, the energy penalty for continuous operation is so great.”

The new RPK-EXT eliminates the wait for hot water, according to Fleming, but doesn’t stop there. “The timer assures that water will be heated only when needed, minimizing power consumption and cutting energy costs.”

The new external recirculation pump unit offers other key features, such as:

  • Easy installation: The pump comes pre-assembled with a wiring harness for quick and easy connection to the Noritz tankless water heater.

  • Wide temperature range: The output temperature of the water can be adjusted between 100°F and 140°F.

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for the RPK-EXT is $399.

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Noritz RPK-EXT Pump Kit  
The RPK-EXT Pump is an add-on component that can be connected to 26 additional Noritz residential tankless models.

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