Planning a new bathroom?
Don’t forget the hot water.

What are the essential ingredients of a modern, high-performance bathroom in the home? Exquisitely designed fixtures and fittings, arranged to maximize user comfort and convenience? Multiple-head shower systems fully equipped with the latest functionalities? Artfully combined wall and floor coverings with tasteful furnishings?

Oh yeah, and how about a little hot water? Better yet, how about a whole lot of hot water?

The fact is, abundant supplies of hot water—delivered at the preferred temperature with minimal waiting at the tap or showerhead—are indispensable to the modern bath experience. Despite this unarguable reality, hot water technology usually takes a back seat to the more visible—and more stylish and “fun”—components. But no matter how lavishly designed and imaginatively arrayed, fixtures and fittings will only anger and frustrate if the hot water isn’t hot enough, or delivered fast enough.

All of which is why a growing number of homeowners rely on tankless water heaters for the space- and energy-saving benefits it can deliver to their bathroom projects.

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Zero footprint = design flexibility: Imagine the size of a medicine cabinet, and you’ll readily understand why tankless units can be tucked into places where conventional, storage-tank-type units fear to tread, including the outdoors in warmer climates. They also hang on walls, happily taking up zero floor space. In fact, a typical tankless model occupies nine fewer cubic feet than a standard tank water heater, allowing it to be installed just about anywhere in the home, not just the mechanical room. That’s a huge, space-saving advantage in any new-home or remodeling project.

Greater location flexibility also means these heaters can and should be installed closer to the point of use, such as a new master bathroom. This proximity, in turn, translates in reduced waiting time for hot water—a head-turning luxury equivalent to the priciest of faucets and showerheads.

Other key benefits of tankless water heating include:

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Higher efficiency, lower fuel bills: As name indicates, tankless means no hot-water storage. While conventional storage-tank units must keep that stored water cooking at a preset temperature ‘round the clock regardless of need, tankless units fire up only when someone actually turns on a faucet or an appliance. By operating strictly on-demand, tankless units eliminate the need to maintain that space-hogging tank and its energy-wasting, 30-to-75-gallon supply of perpetually cooking water.

The payoff? Replacing a standard 50-gallon electric water heater with a gas-fired condensing tankless water heater can reduce annual energy costs by more than 60 percent, or $318 annually. The higher efficiencies of tankless water heaters may qualify for tax credits as well as additional state and local utility incentives.

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No cold showers: On-demand operation also eliminates the infuriating surprise of a cold shower. By maintaining a steady flow rate at a preset temperature, a properly sized tankless water heater will never run out of hot water. Even when demand outstrips the system’s ability to produce (i.e., when two or more people run showers or use hot-water appliances at once), the flow rate will inevitably fall, but not the water temperature.

No sediment buildup: Continuously heating water in a vessel, such as storage-tank water heater, leaves mineral deposits at the bottom of the tank. Over time, this buildup will hobble the unit’s ability to heat water efficiently, while also shortening its life cycle. With all that sediment, the hot water isn’t terribly clean, either.

Technology exists to suppress scale buildup in tankless water heater systems, providing cleaner water for showering and clothes-washing. In addition, by preventing scale buildup, this technology also maintains the energy efficiency of the unit even after many years of use.


For a more in-depth understanding the importance of hot water to a well-functioning modern bathroom, view/download the “Hot Water: The Indispensable Luxury” White Paper:
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