Technological innovation, warranty, and technical support key plumbing manager’s preference for Noritz tankless water heaters

SANTA ANA, CA — Simon “Shandy” Howarth has worked in the plumbing and allied fields for over three decades. Currently, he is the Service Plumbing Operations Manager for Pipe Restoration, Inc. At Pipe Restoration, Inc., Shandy and the team specialize in residential and commercial pipe restoration with their patented pipe-restoration processes, ePIPE® & eDRAIN®.…

South Carolina plumbing contractor collaborates with Noritz to donate tankless water heater to military veteran

Noritz | Case Study | 2024 | Brad Benjamin
Local hero Brad Benjamin, limited to using only one appliance at a time due to water heater issues, receives a generous product donation from Noritz America and Colosetti Plumbing.

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA — Myrtle Beach residents hold ex-combat veteran Brad Benjamin in high regard. As a veteran, he played a vital role in a special task force that successfully rescued captured marine Jessica Lynch. Today, Benjamin serves as an EMT and firefighter, covering Horry and Georgetown counties — a responsibility that only one other person shares. Therefore, when news spread that Benjamin and his family were without hot water during South Carolina’s recent cold season, it came as no surprise that the community promptly rallied to support them.…

Noritz America enlists Tipton Company to expand its sales coverage in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

The third-generation sales agency engages wholesalers, contractors, builders, and engineers to bolster Noritz America’s Southcentral sales strategy.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIF. (MARCH 28, 2024) — Noritz America, a leader in tankless water heaters and high-efficiency combination boilers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Tipton Company as its new sales agency for the Southcentral region of the United States. With this strategic partnership, Noritz aims to strengthen its market presence and provide enhanced support to customers in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.…

Southern California plumbing contractor wins $10,000 grand prize in Noritz’s “Retrofit Rewards” sweepstakes promotion

Tyler Rygh of All Coast Plumbing & Rooter finds the winning Scratch & Win card after buying a Noritz NRCR tankless water heater at the Santa Clarita, California, branch of wholesaler-distributor Hirsch Pipe & Supply.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (JANUARY 17, 2024) – Tyler K. Pugh of All Coast Plumbing & Rooter (Tujunga, CA) is the winner of the $10,000 grand prize in Noritz America’s recently concluded Retrofit Rewards sweepstakes promotion for plumbing and HVAC contractors in the United States and Canada. Pugh received the winning Scratch & Win Card after purchasing a Noritz NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water from wholesaler-distributor Hirsch Pipe & Supply at its branch operation in Santa Clarita, CA.…

Noritz America Names Water Heater Industry Veteran Eric Ashley to Newly Created Product-Management Post

Sixteen years in the water heater and boiler business, Ashley will oversee Noritz’s continuing efforts to develop new tankless technologies and products.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (NOVEMBER 28, 2023) – Noritz America, a leader in tankless water heating systems for over seven decades, has announced that Eric Ashley will take over the newly created position of Senior Product Manager, effective December 2023. He will report directly to Akie Kurakata, Vice President of Planning and Strategy.…

Noritz America Creates Bilingual, Self-Paced Online Training Courses Covering Tankless Water Heating Fundamentals

Available in English or Spanish and designed to deliver tankless knowledge on demand in an easy-to-use format, the new online courses are a free, bite-sized, and information-packed educational opportunity for the professional trades.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (NOVEMBER 17, 2023) – Noritz America, a leader in tankless water heating systems for over six decades, proudly introduces its newly reinvigorated, bilingual, self-paced training courses through its online Noritz University. The recently updated curriculum replaces the previous slide-and-voiceover presentation with succinct, self-paced video lessons in a modernized format designed to empower professional contractors with the knowledge needed to size, select, install, and maintain Noritz products confidently for their customers.…

Noritz introduces the No Roof Kit to maximize the ease and efficiency of tankless venting by removing the need for roof access

Designed to simplify and expedite tankless water heater installation in residential applications, the new kit boosts time-, labor- and cost-savings.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (AUGUST 15, 2023) – Noritz America, a leading innovator in tankless water heaters, maximizes the ease of installation with its new No Roof Kit, an industry-first in the tankless arena. With this accessory, premix burner Noritz tankless water heaters can be installed without the installer setting foot on the roof, offering time-, labor-, and cost-savings in residential applications. …

Noritz “Retrofit Rewards” promotion offers contractors multiple opportunities to win branded gear or valuable cash prizes

In a new summer sweepstakes, EZ Series and NRCR residential tankless water heaters will carry a free scratch-and-win card for pro installers to redeem cash rewards as often as they like. The grand prize: $10,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (AUGUST 8, 2023) — Leading tankless water heater manufacturer Noritz America is launching a new sweepstakes promotion that will allow professional plumbing and HVAC contractors nationwide to earn cash awards, branded gear and discounts on online purchases when installing Noritz EZ and NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heaters.…

Noritz combines the benefits of storage tank and tankless water heating in new Hybrid Hot Series for high-demand applications

Designed for faster hot water recovery in commercial applications, the new powerful hybrid unit provides continuous and reliable hot water delivery by pairing a high-capacity storage tank with a tankless water heater

— Leading tankless water heater manufacturer Noritz America has merged the benefits of storage in a standard tank water heater with the efficiency of tankless into one powerful unit, the Hybrid Hot Series. Making its debut at the 2023 AHR Expo, this new hybrid unit provides a continuous hot water supply and quick hot-water recovery with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. …

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