Noritz introduces the No Roof Kit to maximize the ease and efficiency of tankless venting by removing the need for roof access

Designed to simplify and expedite tankless water heater installation in residential applications, the new kit boosts time-, labor- and cost-savings.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (AUGUST 15, 2023) – Noritz America, a leading innovator in tankless water heaters, maximizes the ease of installation with its new No Roof Kit, an industry-first in the tankless arena. With this accessory, premix burner Noritz tankless water heaters can be installed without the installer setting foot on the roof, offering time-, labor-, and cost-savings in residential applications. …

Noritz “Retrofit Rewards” promotion offers contractors multiple opportunities to win branded gear or valuable cash prizes

In a new summer sweepstakes, EZ Series and NRCR residential tankless water heaters will carry a free scratch-and-win card for pro installers to redeem cash rewards as often as they like. The grand prize: $10,000.

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA (AUGUST 8, 2023) Leading tankless water heater manufacturer Noritz America is launching a new sweepstakes promotion that will allow professional plumbing and HVAC contractors nationwide to earn cash awards, branded gear and discounts on online purchases when installing Noritz EZ and NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heaters.

Noritz combines the benefits of storage tank and tankless water heating in new Hybrid Hot Series for high-demand applications

Designed for faster hot water recovery in commercial applications, the new powerful hybrid unit provides continuous and reliable hot water delivery by pairing a high-capacity storage tank with a tankless water heater

— Leading tankless water heater manufacturer Noritz America has merged the benefits of storage in a standard tank water heater with the efficiency of tankless into one powerful unit, the Hybrid Hot Series. Making its debut at the 2023 AHR Expo, this new hybrid unit provides a continuous hot water supply and quick hot-water recovery with an industry-leading 10-year warranty. …

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Noritz Hybrid Hot Series combination of tankless water heater with a tank-type storage and 
EZ Series Residential Tankless Series


Noritz upgrades EZ Residential Tankless Series with industry-best, 25-year warranty, boosting its energy efficiency rating to 0.96 UEF

Specially designed to speed replacement of conventional storage-tank water heaters, the EZ Series features upgraded dual stainless steel heat exchangers, a built-in non-return valve, longer venting lengths and — an industry first — a new burner control to handle high incoming water temperatures in the summer.

— The newly upgraded EZ Series of Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heaters from Noritz America now offers an improved and industry-leading Uniform Energy Factor of 0.96, while maintaining a 25-year warranty — also an industry-best — on its redesigned, dual stainless-steel heat exchangers. The higher UEF should deliver substantial energy savings and lower monthly fuel bills to the home or business owner over the extended life of these highly durable water heaters.…

Noritz offers Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit to complement NRCR series, giving access to hot water with a click of a button

Paired with easy installation, the kit boosts tankless water heater efficiency, bringing household hot water demand to the homeowner’s fingertips.

— With Noritz’s NRCR Residential Condensing Tankless Water Heater, introduced in 2019, hot-water distribution throughout the home is virtually instantaneous, providing hot water on demand using its built-in recirculation pump. More recently, Noritz has taken its innovative NRCR one step further with the new Wireless On-Demand Push Button Kit.…

Noritz releases enhanced Scale Shield Water Treatment, offering a range of innovative upgrades to take product to the next level

Upgrades offered include a built-in sediment filter, two cartridge pressure gauges, a more efficient treatment medium, plus universal compatibility and connection to Noritz residential models.

— Tankless water heater manufacturer Noritz America recently released an updated version of its revolutionary hard water-treatment product, Scale Shield. As the leader in energy savings and superior hot-water delivery, Noritz continues to lead with innovation in an ever-evolving tankless water heater industry.

Noritz unveils ProCard+ subscription program to help contractors drive qualified leads, while enhancing customer buying experience

Revamped, business-building program features a special Advanced Profile for participating contractors, enabling them to present their companies in detail and prequalify tankless water heater prospects more quickly and effectively.

— Noritz America recently revamped its longstanding contractor incentive program to provide trade professionals with upgraded digital tools to generate more customer leads and qualify those leads more quickly, thus helping to grow their tankless water heater businesses.…

Noritz launches new, improved Support and Parts website to speed product information search and online purchasing

Updated Noritz website offers professionals and homeowners increased convenience and accessibility to vital product information, while also permitting quicker water heater parts ordering via smartphone.

— The upgraded Support and Parts Website from Noritz America has everything professionals and end users need for residential and commercial water heating projects, with all the information readily available 24/7/365. The new site, which went live in September, offers not only faster and more accurate search capabilities, but also — for the first time — the ability to order parts online.…